Huawei signs Altice Portugal deal amid increasingly choppy waters


Huawei has got some good news during a troubled week after signing a deal to develop and rollout 5G services for Altice Portugal.

The Chinese vendor is reportedly having its equipment removed from EE's network in the United Kingdom, following the United States, Australia and New Zealand governments stopping their countries' operators using their kit amid security concerns. Its CFO was arrested in Canada over allegedly violating trade sanctions.

Under the terms of the Altice Portugal deal, Huawei will roll its equipment and software into the operator's existing LTE infrastructure.

It marks the latest step in the two telcos' relationship and Huawei said it would provide a platform for enterprises to develop new business models and launch new solutions.

The two companies launched a network training programme in 2016 with the view to laying the groundwork for the eventual rollout of 5G networks.

Altice Portugal CEO Alexandre Fonseca said: “We are delighted to partner with Huawei to further drive forward the development of 5G services in Portugal.

“Huawei have been a trusted partner for Altice for many years, and we look forward to explore this revolutionary new technology together for the benefit of our Consumer and Enterprise customers, as well as a way to promote new business models and services.”

Huawei Portugal CEO Chris Lu said: "5G will bring unprecedented changes to our day-to-day, as well as our industry. However, the development of 5G needs the cooperation of all different partners, working together to innovate together."