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Deutsche Telekom becomes latest to be brought into iPass embrace


Wi-Fi provider iPass has signed a deal worth seven figures to provide connectivity to customers of Deutsche Telekom Group.

The German operator's customers will be able to use iPass's SmartConnect platform, which automatically connects them to more than 60 million hotspots globally.

Deutsche Telekom will also be able to control the flow of data through intelligent management of Wi-Fi traffic. It will additionally use iPass's Network Intelligence service to track the performance and visibility of these networks.

The operator will also work with iPass to build a dedicated Platform on Demand, where Deutsche Telekom will operate and manage SmartConnect and related services as a private cloud.

Claus Hessberger, VP, Deutsche Telekom said: “This new deal marks the next step in our ongoing partnership with iPass.

"We see iPass technology and data analytics as central to achieving our goal of providing the best possible customer experience and network service.”

Patricia Hume, Chief Operations Officer at iPass, said: “The partnership with Deutsche Telekom, one of the world’s largest carriers, shows that our technology delivers tangible benefits to carriers.

“iPass provides best-in-class technology that will deliver secure, reliable connectivity and network analytics to help Deutsche Telekom enhance its enterprise and consumer offerings.”

Earlier this year, iPass signed a deal with Lycamobile to give the MVNO's 15 million customers access to its hotspots.