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Sigfox hits 1,000 base station mark in the UK


Sigfox's UK operator has installed 1,000 base stations across the country, with more than three quarters of the population now able to take advantage of the technology.

WNDUK, which is responsible for the technology across the UK, has been focusing on the country's major population centres, such as London, Manchester and Southampton, and logistics hubs.

It is working with 86 partners across the likes of utilities, asset tracking, agriculture, building management and automation, and logistics and supply chain management.

WNDUK is also working with Digital Catapult, which was set up by the country's government to promote the early adoption of digital technology.

Tim Harris, CEO of WNDUK, said: “Our exclusive partnership with Sigfox underpins a significant boost in the quality and breadth of LPWAN IoT coverage across the UK.

“We’re delighted to announce that we have now installed 1,000 base stations. Our network has grown at an unprecedented rate since March. It’s by far the largest, and the only viable and credible, nationwide Low Power Wide Area Network in the UK.

"We will continue to enhance coverage and complete the network rollout in the coming months, with 2,000 base stations reaching 95 percent of the nation’s population.”

Last month Sigfox announced that its network is available to potentially one billion people across the globe, covering 53 countries.

It used the milestone announcement to launch new asset tracking, geolocation and gateway products.