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Moldova extends spectrum sale deadline


Moldova's telecoms regulator has pushed back the deadline for companies to express interest in taking part in an upcoming multi-band spectrum auction at the request of one telco, it announced late last week.

Telcos now have until 28 September to notify the regulator whether or not they are interested in participating in an auction of available frequencies, the National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI) said.

In a consultation opened last month, ANRCETI had set a deadline of 10 September.

“ANRCETI decided to extend the term at the request of a provider of electronic communications networks and services,” it said, without providing further details.

The regulator has requested that respondents provide relevant comments on each frequency band they are interested in. It will decide on a timetable and auction format once it receives the responses.

There is available spectrum in the 900MHz, 1900MHz, 2GHz, 2.6GHz, 3.4GHz-3.6GHz, and 3.6GHz-3.8GHz bands.

The licences to operate those spectrum bands will expire in November 2029. The validity period of the licences will therefore depend on the timing of the auction and the subsequent issue of licences.