BlackBerry settles patent row with Nokia, still miffed over IP


BlackBerry has paid Nokia $137 million after a court ruled the former smartphone giant failed to make payments from a patent license agreement between the two companies.

The ruling was made by the International Chamber of Commerce's International Court of Arbitration. However, BlackBerry said it did not relate to an ongoing dispute related to unspecified allegations of IP infringement.

A BlackBerry spokesperson said: "BlackBerry is disappointed that the Court of Arbitration did not agree with our arguments in the case but we accept their decision.

"This ruling does not change BlackBerry's assertion that Nokia is infringing on our intellectual property and we are continuing to vigorously pursue legal remedies in both the US and Germany."

A Nokia spokesperson said it was "pleased" with the verdict but added: "Nokia continues to believe that BlackBerry's unrelated claims of patent infringement by Nokia are without merit."

During the past 12 months, Nokia has brought patent cases with a range of different companies to a close.

In September, Nokia settled a dispute with smartphone manufacturer LG, involving how much money the South Korean company should pay for patent licences.

In July, it signed a patent agreement and business cooperation deal with Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi.

It also settled a patent dispute with Apple, with Nokia providing infrastructure and services to the iPhone maker in future.