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Huawei launches “golden” 5G-ready base station, Massive MIMO antenna unit


Huawei has unveiled a new base station that it claims paves the way for 5G, alongside a new Massive MIMO offering.

The base station features the China-based vendor’s BBU5900 baseband unit, offering transmission speeds of up to 50GBps, its C-band active antenna unit (AAU), offering support for massive MIMO, as well as a multi-band remote radio unit and higher power cabinets.

The product, introduced at last week’s Mobile Broadband Forum in London, supports multiple wireless generations and multiple spectrum bands, which Huawei said would increase simplicity for customers.

The vendor also claimed components of the base station, such as the cabinet, would be able to work with more advanced equipment in the future, supporting evolution to 5G.

Jiang Xiangzhong (pictured), President of Huawei’s SingleRAN Domain, which oversees the vendor’s RAN portfolio, said: “This new type of base station will become the golden base station in the 5G era. It is another exciting presentation of the idea of SingleRAN in the 4.5G/5G era. It can help operators quickly and economically deploy a highly competitive network in the 4.5G/5G era.”

The vendor also introduced a new Massive MIMO AAU for C-band (3.4GHz to 4.2GHz) deployments. According to Huawei, the AAU can achieve a peak rate of over 10GBps for 5G NR and offers 60 percent higher power (200W) and 100 percent more bandwidth (200MHz) compared to the previous generation.

Last week saw Huawei take part in 5G trials with EE, as well as calling for harmonisation of 5G bands worldwide.

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