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Telefónica flushes out security threats with Clean Pipes


Telefónica’s business arm has launched a new software security product to safeguard enterprise data across all devices.

The Clean Pipes 2.0 service from Telefónica Business Solutions combines network, cloud and device security in one platform, offering features such as firewall, web filtering and intrusion prevention.

It also includes the likes of application monitoring and control and Denial of Service protection.

Clean Pipes 2.0 is managed by Telefónica and embedded into the operator’s network product, making it simpler to purchase and deploy for enterprise customers, who can manage it in real time via a live dashboard.

The update to the Clean Pipes platform is built on the Next-Generation Security Platform from Palo Alto Networks, designed in partnership with Telefónica’s cyber security wing ElevenPaths.

Hugo de los Santos, CEO of B2B Products & Services at Telefónica Business Solutions, said: "With the implementation of this solution, Telefónica Business Solutions reinforces the security of internet services for large customers even more.”

Santos said the product would enrich its value proposition for enterprises.

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Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPaths, said: "Nowadays pressure of zero-day attacks and targeted malware exploits requires state-of-the-art analytics and precise execution, for improving customers' network security and cyber-resilience.

“Together with Palo Alto Networks, we have deployed this advanced security infrastructure within our networks, enabling clients to employ next-generation sophisticated protection, and to simplify the provisioning and managing of their cyber security needs."

Last year, Telefónica became the first telco to join the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO).

A partnership with Apple saw Telefónica and Apple launch a biometric signature recognition solution, which detects handwritten signatures.