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Sunrise digitalises customer ID through new app


Sunrise is digitalising the customer identification process through a mix of ID scans, digital signature, facial recognition and document scanning.

The new Sunrise ID Checker app aims to improve the verification of identity for transactions with the likes of banks, retailers and public organisations.

The process starts when Sunrise customers send off for a QR code from the operator that they then scan with their smartphone.

They then upload the front and back of their ID card, record a video selfie and write their signature using a stylus or their finger.

Customer data is stored on Sunrise's back office systems and the operator said the new app adheres to Swiss federal requirements.

Built in partnership with Swiss developer PXL, it has been trialled at six of the Swiss operator's shops ahead of its launch by the end of the year. However, details were scant about how the trial process worked in practice or what Sunrise itself would use the app for.

Sunrise and PXL said the majority of commercial sales and public service processes can be handled digitally thanks to the app, with identity verified almost instantly.

However, they did not name any organisations beyond Sunrise who had agreed to use the app as a verification method. The companies are currently speaking to interested parties about using the ID Checker as a integrated solution or for further development.

Sunrise said the ID Checker is best suited for organisations dealing with large volumes of transactions that need to verify identity, such as operators, retailers, credit companies, rental and leasing organisations and public bodies.

PXL founder Karim Nemr said: "As a natural successor to paperwork and a scanner mouse, the Sunrise ID Checker will initially be used at points of sale. With this solution, retail employees can boost their sales performance, ID security and data quality can be improved, and the process of signing contracts can be simplified for customers."

Sunrise CEO Olaf Swantee added: "We will lift barriers and give our customers added value by enabling them to interact with us in a digital way from beginning to end. The Sunrise ID Checker also demonstrates the importance of partnering with innovative small businesses in Switzerland. Through our partnership with PXL Vision, other companies and public service providers can also benefit from the straightforward Sunrise ID Checker solution."