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Nokia to run Telenor, Telia's shared Danish radio network


Telenor and Telia have handed over control of their joint TT mobile radio network in Denmark to Nokia, after signing a managed services deal with the vendor.

From October 2017, Nokia will take control of all operational and development tasks, handle network planning, optimisation, implementation and operations for a network that comprises more than 4,000 sites across the country.

It is unclear how long the project will last or how many staff will transfer over as part of the deal. Both operators have had a shared network in place since 2011.

Henrik Kofod, CTO, Telia Denmark said: "The combination of Telia and Telenor's network has been a historic business. Today we have a world-class mobile network, and this step to have Nokia manage it for us will ensure we also have the best network in five or 10 years. Therefore, I am pleased that we have concluded a solid agreement with one of the world's most powerful network providers."

Peter Nødbak, Network Director, Telenor Denmark, added: "We have reached a point where we need to take the TT network to a new level, and Nokia will help us do that. They have the necessary expertise, capacity and know-how in the area that will ensure the most optimal operation and making our network ready for the future."

Nokia said the move would expand network capacity, increase the quality of both networks and also help them both introduce new technologies in future.

Earlier this year, Beeline chose the Finland-based vendor to run its networks across Russia.