Nokia completes LTE call over 600MHz spectrum


Nokia has completed pre-standard testing of LTE calls on 600MHz spectrum as telcos mull how the band can best be used.

The Finland-based vendor used commercially available hardware to complete the LTE call in a 20MHz frequency block on the band.

The trial demonstrated maximum throughput of 387MBps with 4-way uplink receive diversity, 4X4 MIMO technology and 256QAM.

Ricky Corker, Head of North America for Nokia, said that the company is acting as the 600MHz spectrum auction remains ongoing in the US. The auction began March 29, 2016 and is expected to conclude on March 30, 2017, according to the Federal Communications Commission.

“Nokia has been doing the necessary development, testing and software creation over the last several quarters. We are ready to work from day one with those customers who want to bring 600MHz to market."

The band offers wide coverage. According to Nokia, users of 600MHz will likely use the band to extend LTE footprints and augment capacity.

Nokia said that the early launch of services in the band is likely to come first to rural areas, as well as to boost capacity and indoor coverage in urban areas.

In Europe, the band falls within the ultra-high frequency band (470-790MHz) that has been earmarked as a ‘pioneer band’ for early deployment of 5G.

Currently the band is largely used for broadcasting, including digital terrestrial television services.

Earlier this month, the European Parliament voted for use of the band to be coordinated across the European Union. Under the plans, the EU has also secured some frequencies within the band for use in broadcasting until 2030.