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Deutsche Telekom launches shield against nefarious drone activity


Deutsche Telekom is offering a drone defence shield to enterprise customers concerned about security threats from autonomous vehicles.

The operator, which was subject to a security hack of its own earlier this week, is the first company to be using the Magenta drone defence shield, which it said protects against espionage, smuggling and vandalism.

The solution uses a range of sensors including cameras, frequency scanners and microphones. Software within the shield can distinguish the shield from other flying objects and animals.

Other aspects of the shield include a frequency scanner, microphone arrays, radar equipment and jamming technology.

Dirk Backofen, the future Head of Telekom Security, said: "Over the last few months, we at Deutsche Telekom have extensively and rigorously tested drone detection and defense systems from major vendors all over the world for our Magenta drone defense shield and bundled together the best technologies, managed by lead partner Dedrone."

The operator said it can handle the planning, design, installation and commissioning of the shield, as well as run it as a managed service.

Deutsche Telekom has been experimenting with drones in recent months. In November, it launched a project to determine how drones could be connected to a mobile network to ensure they can fly safely alongside other aircraft.

It is also using the project to see how drones could be used in logistics management.

Meanwhile, the operator has also bolstered its Magenta Security portfolio with eight new products as it looks to react to the changing landscape of threats.

Backofen said: "Our security portfolio focuses on strong, innovative partners whose solutions we can make even better for customers by providing them from our high-security data centers as a trusted partner. This allows us to offer customized outsourcing of security operations."