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Telefónica to add Symantec certificates to IoT encryption


Telefónica’s cyber security Unit ElevenPaths is to integrate Symantec’s certificate technology into its forthcoming public key infrastructure (PKI) service.

Telefónica PKI service will enable clients running Internet of Things (IoT) systems to “securely and indisputably” identify devices, and secure the data transmitted on them. Symantec’s managed PKI technology will allow Telefónica to embed digital certificates, or issue them in real time, to authorise devices running on IoT systems.

Telefónica said companies that require large-scale IoT deployments will be able to manage, renew and revoke certificates, as required, to encrypt communications and guarantee the integrity and traceability of the transactions.

It said in a statement it will collaborate with Symantec on “four key cornerstones” of IoT security, including protection of communications, securing and protecting IoT devices, managing IoT devices, and understanding of the IoT environment, through security analytics.

Telefónica was appointed as the sole telco member of the newly-created European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) in August.

ElevenPaths bolstered its cyber security range in April by adding solutions by security vendor Check Point in a move to offer businesses a greater level of protection from hackers keen to get their hands on sensitive data.

Last month, OneM2M's latest standards release had a heavy focus on security. More than 200 member companies contributed on the project, which was aimed to open up the IoT ecosystem and establish interconnect between different types of IoT devices.