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Swisscom debuts Ericsson's first Network Manager


Swisscom has become the first operator to deploy Ericsson's Network Manager on its live network, which it said would help support improved performance and lower costs.

The Manager has been set up on Swisscom's LTE network. It is a service that allows operators to view its network resources and services through a single portal. Ericsson said the solution helps them to evaluate their processes and network domain operations.

The deployment comes ahead of a wider launch of the solution to any LTE operator in 2016. Ericsson said it is planning to enhance it with services including enhanced analytics, virtual network function management, cloud deployment of the solution and advanced optimisation.

Patrick Weibel, Senior Architect Wireless, Swisscom, said: "We have chosen to adopt Ericsson Network Manager early to provide feedback on its functional development and also leverage the Ericsson Network Manager's capabilities that are critical to our network and operational transformation."

Jan Häglund, Head of Product Area Network Analytics & Control, Ericsson, added: "The latest Ericsson Mobility Report forecasts that mobile data traffic in Western Europe will grow nine times between 2015 and 2021, and Ericsson Network Manager is a great example of how Ericsson's technology leadership can help operators transform and thrive, both in this advanced market and globally."

Swisscom is planning substantial changes to its network operations, with it choosing to switch off its 2G network from 2020 to free up network resources.