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Telefónica toughens up security with new alliances


Telefónica has signed strategic alliances with a range of companies to help bolster its mobile security technology.

Its ElevenPaths subsidiary is working with Palo Alto Networks to integrate three technologies into its solutions.

The first is Palo Alto's security platform, which includes the cloud-based malware analysis and prevention service Wildfire.

It will be added to Tacyt, a cyber-intelligence tool developed by ElevenPaths, and Sinfonier, which enables real-time processing of information sources.

Another agreement with BlueCoat sees ElevenPaths' Metashield Protector technology used in its filtering systems.

The tech is designed to stop information leaks, by scanning all documents before they are published online.

Meanwhile, RSA's Security Analytics will be integrated into Telefónica's own SandaS platform, which will allow companies to track threats and vulnerabilities to their security networks.

The SandaS platform has also been strengthened with Intel's security event management and correlation system NITRO.

It has also been boosted by gaining access to Alien Vault's USM platform, which will allow companies to improve their analysis and risk control capabilities.

Finally, Vaultive's encryption proxy service will be integrated into ElevenPaths' products.

This will help protect companies' information in SaaS platforms, especially Microsoft 365.

ElevenPaths said it has recently taken over GesConsultor, which specialises in management and compliance systems.

The tech will be integrated into its SandaS platform.

Another recent buy has been the intellectual property of handwritten signature capture and verification software that was developed by researchers in Carlos III University of Madrid.