Companies to roadtest new M2M products with dev kit


M2M hardware company Queclink and data management business RacoWireless have teamed up to produce a development kit for those looking to explore the Internet of Things.

The kit will help companies build products across the entirety of the M2M spectrum, from small personal chips to those that monitor how a vehicle is driven. Four kits are available, with SIM cards supplied that will allow them to test their products on RacoWireless's partners' networks.

The GL series, comprising the GL200 and GL300, is an asset tracker service offering power management, water resistance and GPS and GSM chipsets on a small device. Both companies said the solution could be used for lone workers, vehicles, pets and asset tracking. 

The GL300 can provide vibration feedback, which the companies said could be used to confirm successful operation of a task, send alerts or set geo-fences. 

The GV55 and GV300 products are vehicle trackers and have a three-axis accelerometer, which can be used to monitor driver behaviour. The companies said the products would be best suited for insurance or car leasing companies. The devices have features including emergency geo-fence boundary crossing, harsh driving behaviour, low power and scheduled GPS. The GV300 can also support the likes of two-way voice.

Adam Liao, President of Queclink, said: "This collaboration enables us to deliver a package combining our reliable hardware with RacoWireless’ robust data management solutions. As partners, we are able to bundle our solutions in a way that improves the M2M ecosystem and brings convenience to our customers."

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