Replaces two existing systems

Teligent today announces another order for a Next Generation Messaging Solution. The order from Telia Mobile in Denmark is for a new platform with a number of advanced messaging services that will replace two existing systems.

The two existing messaging systems that will be replaced are Telia Mobile DK’s present solution for voice and fax mailboxes, and the system for messaging services at Orange A/S, the operator that Telia Mobile acquired in October 2004.

“Teligent’s solution gives us a powerful and flexible system where all services are gathered on an open platform, entirely in line with the parent company TeliaSonera’s guiding principles,” says Clint Goad, CTO of Telia Mobile in Denmark. “Teligent has for a long time been an important vendor and it feels confident that it is with a well proven partner that we make the move towards Next Generation Messaging.”

The order also includes support services, along with an option for a future connection with a centrally situated system serving several countries.

Teligent’s advanced messaging solution, Teligent Messaging System (TMS), is a flexible and distributed system that handles multiple applications and mailboxes in various networks (mobile, fixed and IP) on a single platform. With the graphical programming tool, the Teligent Application Builder, the operator gets improved flexibility and control when it comes to development and implementation of new enhanced value-added services and features.

”We are delighted over yet another important order in the segment for Next Generation Messaging, not least as it among other things includes a replacement of a solution from a main competitor,” says Ulf Lindstén, President and CEO of Teligent. “With a leading technology and strong references within the messaging segment, such as SingTel, Telia Mobile and Maroc Telecom, we look forward with confidence towards the coming year’s replacement and consolidation of similar systems, irrespective of market or geography.”

The delivery to Telia Mobile is based on the patented Teligent P90/E architecture that separates network signalling, service execution and presentation to end-users.

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Mobix launches 2buzz for mobile conferencing

Mobix has launched a mobile conference call service that allows mobile users to arrange conference calls on demand for up to 10 people. The service, called 2buzz, is available now, and Mobile Europe had a go.

Users can either send a text to the service listing the numbers they want to conference with (each number separated by a space), or can download the application if they have a smartphone.

Mobile Europe had a go at the smartphone version. First, we sent a text from a Palm OS device to 07797898689. We received a text back that had a link to a WAP site in it which we clicked on. Once we connected via GPRS the site informed us the application was suitable and offered a Palm OS compatible application for download. We accepted and the app, very light, installed itself within the phones application folder. A tap on the 2buzz icon and we were asked if we wanted to create a new group. Tap , and up automatically comes our contacts list  each name with a tick box next to the name. Tap, tap, tap we had three people selected for a conference call. Application then sends each of those people a message asking them to dial in to a conference call, as it does to the originator of the conference. So, full of hope, we called in, only to be left alone as none of the requested conferees phoned in. Oops! Only partial success then, but nothing to do with the applications, probably more the inclination of Mobile Europes selected participants to take part!

So, a few conclusions based on this very limited trial. One, the downloading of the app and useability couldnt be easier. Two, until such applications are allied with presence applications then it seems arranging a conference will not be quite as ad hoc as Mobix would like to make out. But if you and a couple of colleagues wanted to arrange a conference at reasonably short notice, and at least one of you is out and about, it would be a quick and efficient way of doing so.

As for cost, normal text, GPRS and call charges apply. A good effort, Mobix, and one operators will be keeping a close eye one, we imagine.

Mobix itself says there is pent-up demand for a quick and easy conference services. In a survey of mobile workers, carried out on behalf of Mobix by research firm Vanson Bourne in November 2004, 88% of respondents stated that they needed to communicate with two or more colleagues at the same time whilst on the move at least once a week, and more than half (59 percent) said they would take advantage of a quick and easy conference call service.

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Substantial orders for unobtrusive antenna structures, won by international infrastructure solutions provider AlanDick, will enable the UK’s most colourful cellular operator to improve network coverage in environmentally sensitive locations throughout the nation.

The designs chosen are lifelike representations of telephone and electricity poles, the latter having exact replicas of transformer housings inside which are placed the microwave dishes linking the tiny low-power base stations (known as microcells) into the main telephone network.

Inside these realistic housings antennas are effectively invisible, creating no visual disturbance whatsoever. They fit unobtrusively into almost any environment, harmonising with other amenities, stated Steven Green, Commercial Manager within the Radio & Communications Infrastructure product group of AlanDick. These poles are just a couple of products from our broad portfolio of environmental products, for which we offer a comprehensive selection of off-the-shelf designs as well as all manner of bespoke solutions.

People today expect seamless mobile coverage wherever they go but increasingly resent any visual intrusion, he continued. These low profile designs are the ideal solution and satisfy an increasing demand from operators, planning authorities and environmentalists for cellular sites that do not offend the eye.

The poles have a bark effect external finish that surrounds the feeder cables and antenna within. In fact the appearance is so realistic that examples were given permission for erection in a Yorkshire Dales national park where antenna structures were previously outlawed entirely.  Since then a treaty of best practice has been agreed allowing designed sites to be provided in all 13 national parks.

AlanDick is the sole supplier of these pole structures to the network, which chose the company in preference to alternative options. Deployment of the structures is underway currently with great success and AlanDick is negotiating to offer the same product to other operators. 

Concluded Green: Environmental solutions need to look good but must also deliver satisfactory radio performance; producing them is easy but making them work well is not! Our established reputation and expertise in both radio and structural engineering give us deeper insight than our competitors, making us unique in this marketplace.

UIQ Technology and ACCESS, a global provider of mobile content delivery and Internet access technologies, have announced that they have partnered to offer ACCESS' advanced NetFront browser technology to the global UIQ community.

The availability of the NetFront browser for the UIQ user interface platform establishes an advanced level of Internet browser functionality for UIQ customers. As a step in the partnership, ACCESS has joined the UIQ Alliance Partner Program and UIQ Technology has joined the ACCESS Advanced Alliance Partner Program.

Widely recognised as one of the most advanced and successful full Internet browser solutions in the mobile market, NetFront offers a comprehensive feature-set including support for WAP 2.0, WML, HTML 4.01, and cHTML.

NetFront features unique technologies that deliver the most advanced mobile Internet browsing experience in the industry including Smart-Fit Rendering a sophisticated technology that intelligently renders full Web pages to fit the screen width of mobile devices; and Rapid-Render, a rendering technology that dramatically accelerates the presentation of Web page data. NetFront is also the only mobile browser in the world to provide integrated support for Adobe Reader and Adobe's ubiquitous portable document format (PDF).

UIQ is a user interface platform for Symbian OS, especially designed for advanced, media rich mobile phones. Currently there are 9 smartphones based on UIQ: Sony Ericsson P800, P900 and P910, Motorola A920, A925 and A1000, BenQ P30 and P31, Arima U300.

"ACCESS is recognised as one of the leading mobile Internet browser providers, and this cooperation will allow us to further help our global customers create attractive mobile phones for the world-wide markets," said Johan Sandberg, CEO, UIQ Technology. "We are pleased to join the ACCESS Advanced Alliance Partner Program and are equally happy to welcome ACCESS into our UIQ Alliance program."

"UIQ provides a powerful user interface platform for Symbian OS, and we are looking forward to working with them to bring our advanced mobile browsing technologies to the global UIQ community," said Toru Arakawa, president and CEO of ACCESS. "Our concurrent memberships in each other's alliance programs will significantly facilitate development process for UIQ customers throughout the world."

Expands Software Capabilities for Managing Wireless Networks

Andrew Corporation has acquired Xenicom Ltd., a privately-held UK-based provider of software solutions that help telecommunications operators plan, launch, and manage wireless networks.

Under terms of the acquisition, Andrew paid approximately $11.5 million cash, with additional cash consideration possible if certain financial performance goals are reached over a two-year period. Xenicom generated approximately $11 million in sales during the 12 months ending September 2004. Its customers include several major European mobile operators.

Xenicom’s solutions and products help its customers achieve greater efficiency and cost savings, improved service levels, and increased flexibility and control in managing 2G, 2.5G, and 3G wireless networks. With Xenicom’s software capabilities and products, Andrew sees significant opportunity to assist wireless operators manage and optimize infrastructure as they transition to new networks based on 3G standards.

“Combining Xenicom’s software capabilities with Andrew’s globally diversified customer base and industry-leading product portfolio creates a new market opportunity for Andrew and a compelling choice for mobile operators worldwide,” said Terry Garner, group president, Network Solutions, Andrew Corporation. “This enhances Andrew’s ability to deliver solutions that help our customers improve the capacity of their networks, reduce capital spending, and roll out new and upgraded infrastructure more quickly and efficiently.”

The acquisition, which is effective immediately, should be slightly accretive to earnings during the first 12 months. As part of the transaction, Xenicom and its 55 employees— located in offices in Bristol, U.K.; Dallas, TX; and Sao Paulo, Brazil—will join Andrew’s Network Solutions group, which had sales of $184 million in fiscal 2004. Network Solutions provides high performance, high quality radio frequency (RF) and digital measurement tools and network data management, performance evaluation, and resource optimization solutions for wireless communications systems.

“Xenicom has a strong position in the rapidly growing market for performance engineering software,” said Martin Coates, co-founder and chief executive officer, Xenicom. “Our solutions have been proven to save operators considerable amounts of money and gain greater control over their network assets. As part of Andrew, Xenicom broadens its global reach and capabilities in a way that is unmatched by any others.”

O2 and RIM have announced the latest addition to O2’s portfolio of BlackBerry products with the introduction of the brand new BlackBerry 7100x. The BlackBerry 7100x is expected to be available in the UK this month.

The BlackBerry 7100x, developed and manufactured by Research In Motion, is an innovative mobile device that extends the current data choices available to O2 customers, delivering the power of BlackBerry functionality within a sleek and stylish mobile phone design. The new design is aimed at active mobile professionals who need to manage their work wherever they are (nationally or internationally), as well as keep in touch with family and friends, all through one device.

The BlackBerry 7100x features all the popular BlackBerry applications including advanced phone, messaging, organiser and browsing capabilities. In addition to a large and bright, high-resolution colour screen, the BlackBerry 7100x incorporates an integrated speakerphone that is ideal for conference calls, Bluetooth support for wireless headsets and car-kits and a quad-band radio for international roaming.  It also features a sophisticated piano-black casing with 32MB flash memory, 4MB SRAM and polyphonic ring tone support.

The BlackBerry 7100x integrates the latest BlackBerry browsing technology providing users with access to a wide range of rich HTML-based Internet content in full and vibrant colour.

The BlackBerry 7100x features RIM’s breakthrough SureType keyboard technology that converges a phone keypad and a QWERTY keyboard to fit elegantly within the size constraints of a traditional 'candy bar' phone design. 

The integrated keyboard and software system provides users with an instinctively familiar look and feel and allows users to dial phone numbers and type messages quickly, accurately and comfortably. Removing the need for the traditional multi-tap phone approach - SureType fundamentally changes the way people think about typing on mobile phones.

The BlackBerry 7100x and SureType support various languages including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish.

"We are very pleased to add the BlackBerry 7100x to our range of O2 mobile devices,” said Hugh Griffiths, Head of Mobile Data Products and Services, O2. “It’s clear that this device will attract a whole new audience to the BlackBerry platform and demonstrates the very latest technology for both new and established users alike.”

“The unique functionality of this all-in-one device can cover a multitude of business and personal functions. By combining exceptional phone, email, messaging and browsing capabilities with an extremely effective keyboard and a large, vibrant, colour screen, this device is ideal for customers that prefer the look and feel of a phone but want to extend the use of their handset to include email, web browsing and messaging services,” concludes Griffiths.

“The BlackBerry 7100x is a significant breakthrough for customers that want advanced phone, messaging and data capabilities in a sleek new design,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at RIM. “The new SureType keyboard technology is an amazing innovation that offers a significant improvement over traditional phone keypads and the BlackBerry 7100x is a very attractive choice for customers looking to upgrade their existing phone.”

The BlackBerry 7100x weighs 120g and has a battery life (using the standard battery) of over four hours talk time and over eight days standby. A hands-free earpiece, USB cable and standard holster are included. Additional accessories such as holsters and car chargers will also be available and the BlackBerry 7100x supports Bluetooth headset and car-kit profiles.

For individual users, Internet Mail with BlackBerry will be ideal. Users will be able to integrate their new BlackBerry handset with up to ten business or personal internet-based email accounts without the need for a special server or IT support. It takes just a few steps by the user to get up and running.

For corporate users, the BlackBerry 7100x can connect to RIM's enterprise platform - BlackBerry Enterprise Server - supporting secure, wireless email, calendar appointments and other corporate data. The BlackBerry 7100x supports the full functionality of the latest enterprise software version 4.0.

The BlackBerry 7100x will be available in the UK from all O2 retail stores and direct and indirect business channels, as well as other leading distributors.

Bouygues Telecom’s i-mode service has passed the one-million customer mark, i.e. 25% of its contract customers.

The service is attracting a wider variety of users. It is increasingly popular among women, who now account for 40% of its customer base; and young people are no longer the only intensive users of i-mode, as 51% are over 31.

The general satisfaction rate among users continues to rise, standing at 84%.

A pioneer of mobile multimedia in France with i-mode, Bouygues Telecom offers easy-to-use, reliable services that are within everyones reach throughout France. Thanks to a virtuous economic model that satisfies content editors, i-mode now provides access to 300 official sites, 3,000 independent sites, a catalogue of over 200 games and 6,000 downloadable videos.

E-mail usage continues to develop: two-thirds of messages sent by customers have picture or video attachments.

The most popular services include ring-tone, picture and video downloads, games, sport, news, weather and e-mail/chat.

Bouygues Telecom capitalises on the opportunity to exchange experiences within the i-mode Alliance, which covers 45 million subscribers in 10 countries and which recently expanded to include the UKs mm02 and Russias MTS.

Innovative i-mode features introduced since the service was launched:

·         November 2002: first mobile multimedia service with colour display and integrated e-mail

·         November 2003: first real catalogue of downloadable video games and first localisation service

·         June 2004: introduction of video-enabled handsets

·         November 2004: launch of Digitalvidéo, a unique call personalisation service using downloaded video clips

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iAnywhere Solutions, a subsidiary of Sybase, has today launched the latest version of its AvantGo service, delivering superior features for managing and viewing mobile Internet content offline or online, anywhere at anytime.

Enhanced capabilities allow for improved wireless synchronisation, easier on-device web channel management and an expanded support system for AvantGo users, resulting in a more robust online and offline user experience.

"Since the AvantGo service was unveiled five years ago, we've received thousands of requests and suggestions for new features," said Neil Versen, senior director of AvantGo at iAnywhere Solutions. "Today, with the launch of the next-generation AvantGo, we're responding by delivering the most powerful and comprehensive mobile Internet service available anywhere. Now users can manage their web content more efficiently, syncing from their desktop or choosing and updating their channels wirelessly."

Enhanced connected/wireless features include: abbreviated sync times and minimized wireless costs by selecting the channels you wish to sync: browse and search over a thousand AvantGo channels while connected: surfing the web using AvantGo - from a new section on the AvantGo homepage: wireless-only channels, such as web mail channels, can now be accessed: forms within channels (e.g. supply zip code for movie times) can be submitted wirelessly in real-time: searchable AvantGo channels, with search returns, in real-time.

Enhanced user experience include: a complete redesign of the user interface including tabbed navigation, customized channel layout, choice of fonts and new color themes: small-screen optimized navigation designed to maintain ease-of-use: and new browser versions for Palm OS 5, Pocket PC and Symbian, which include top requested features, including full-screen screen support for palmOne T3 and T5 devices.

Improved on-device channel management and selection includes: search, browse, and add over a thousand AvantGo channels from your device, online or offline: customisable layout of your channel list: creation of Personal Channels from your device: on-device Help & Alert sections: trouble-shooting tips and service alerts on your device: and channel recommendations based upon other channels to which a user is subscribed.

Advanced customer support functionality includes the new user interface which incorporates context help: each section has an icon that can be expanded for more information about a feature: one of the new tabbed navigation features includes a Help tab which includes top FAQ's and tips for each platform supported: and the new Alerts tab displays important information regarding the user's account or the AvantGo Service (e.g. Service maintenance notices, user tips, premium service expiration notices, etc.)

iAnywhere's new AvantGo service is immediately available for free download at: The update supports all major handheld devices running Palm OS 5, Pocket PC (2000, 2002, 2003), Symbian UIQ and Symbian OS v.6.1 Series 60.

Midtown Madness, Zoo Tycoon and South Park Available on O2 Java Handsets

IN-FUSIO, a leading mobile games publisher and game service provider, today announced that it has joined O2 to deliver its range of critically acclaimed game licences to a potential audience of 13.5 million O2 customers in the UK alone.

The agreement means that O2 customers can immediately download three of IN-FUSIO’s Java games from its broad portfolio - Midtown Madness 3 Mobile, Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile and South Park - to a wide range of handsets from the operator’s portal.

Microsoft’s Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile title is available on O2 portals before any other operator releases the game. IN-FUSIO’s games will be available on 18 Java-enabled handsets from top manufacturers* including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. IN-FUSIO plans to release more Java games to O2 customers in the coming months.

The relationship significantly increases IN-FUSIO’s penetration of the mobile gaming market and gives more customers the opportunity to play games from its impressive portfolio. IN-FUSIO has licence agreements with the world’s leading gaming brands.

Udi Jacobi, Sales Director EMEA and Latin America, IN-FUSIO said: “IN-FUSIO continues to extend the availability of its top titles to even more mobile gamers. O2 is a key operator for IN-FUSIO both in the UK and worldwide. We are delighted to partner such a dynamic, progressive and innovative operator.”

“The addition of IN-FUSIO’s top Java titles to O2’s extensive games portfolio reflects O2’s dedication to deliver the best and most up to date mobile content to consumers ahead of other networks,” comments Simon Dean, Head of Games for O2.

“IN-FUSIO’s decision to make Microsoft’s Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile title available on the O2 Games Arcade before any other network, strengthens O2’s overall position in the mobile gaming market and demonstrates the recognition which O2 Games has gained amongst top publishers such as IN-FUSIO.”

New offering gives enterprises greater choice in secure mobile connectivity

Nokia has today announced it has expanded its portfolio of mobile connectivity solutions to include a suite of Internet protocol security (IPSec) virtual private network (VPN)-based products for workers who need secure remote access to their corporate networks from mobile devices and remote locations.

Nokia's latest IP VPN technology offering consists of four new IP VPN gateway systems, a mobile VPN client, and comprehensive management software.  The new offering complements the company's existing mobility solutions, including a variety of proven IP security platforms, an SSL VPN connectivity solution, and other solutions critical to enterprise mobility. Together with Nokia enterprise mobile devices, Nokia IP VPN enables enterprises to more securely connect all of their users, whether in a remote office, working from home, or on the go. 
Nokia IP VPN incorporates Nokia's patent-pending Meta-Hop technology to help ensure seamless user connectivity from the mobile device all the way to the application even if a connection is disrupted.  With Meta-Hop technology, mobile end-users are able to connect to IP-based applications securely and stay connected via self-learning and self-healing networks that track multiple connection paths to ensure a connection is maintained. Meta-Hop gives enterprises consistent, secure network availability for mobile end-users, while driving down operational costs for management, maintenance and network expansion.
The Nokia IP VPN solution is suited for IT managers of growing companies who need to create or extend their connectivity infrastructure to support both mobile and remote office access. Nokia IP VPN integrates easily with IT infrastructure and management systems to provide a seamless mobile user experience, extreme network reliability, and superior price performance.
"The workforce is becoming more mobile every day.  With Nokia IP VPN, users are no longer restricted to where and how they securely connect to the important information they need.  Nokia IP VPN is a win-win proposition for IT and end-users, providing flexible connectivity options for devices of all types, while driving costs down through automated management tools and technologies," said Elie Habib, senior vice president, Security and Mobile Connectivity, Nokia Enterprise Solutions.  "We believe our product offering is unique in the marketplace as we provide a total platform package, from back-office solutions to end-user mobile devices, enabling complete voice and data communication for professionals."
"Remote access to enterprise data is not limited to desktops and laptops anymore. Nokia IP VPN is designed to ensure secure remote access to enterprise resources, no matter what device is being used to connect," said Charles Kolodgy, research director of IDC's Security Products program.  "Well suited for both the wired and wireless worlds, Nokia IP VPN should provide for easy administration of end-user devices, and consistent network availability through Nokia's Meta-Hop technology.  Combined with Nokia's SSL VPN offerings, Nokia's portfolio provides enterprises with choice and flexibility when deploying remote mobile access solutions."
"We chose Nokia IP VPN products to form the backbone of our global corporate network. Our needs demand a connectivity solution that provides strong features, reliability and support services, while giving us the opportunity to build an integrated mobility solution," said Peter Stewart, IT Director - International, at TI Automotive, a global automotive supplier headquartered in the United Kingdom. "Nokia's IP VPN offering gives us a complete connectivity solution, and will allow us to expand our corporate network to a mobile environment while capitalizing on the market-leading security features and product reliability we need."