Nokia launches first predictive analytics service for fixed networks


Nokia has added analytics to fixed networks as it bids to help operators anticipate and solve outages in the network before they impact service quality.

Through near-real time monitoring of the network, a new Predictive Care offering claims to be able to identify anomalies before they manifest in downtime for subscribers.

It compares these readings with Nokia AVA, the vendor’s library of network data combined from customers worldwide.

The resulting insights can be supplied either to the operators’ own maintenance team as a standalone service or to a dedicated Nokia expert care team which can provide tailored recommendations to the operator on how to mitigate the problem.

The solution, part of Nokia’s Intelligent Access portfolio for fixed networks, is already active with five customers today, including Colombian operator ETB.

Nokia introduced a range of predictive analytics capabilities for mobile networks earlier this month.

Federico Guillén, president of Nokia's Fixed Networks Business Group, said: "With Predictive Care, we offer our customers today the perfect solution to improve network quality, building on our experience with hundreds of customers worldwide.

Guillén said the solution would become more crucial “as networks evolve to more virtualisation, and open interfaces and data models will provide more insight on diagnostics data more easily, across systems and networks, which will further improve the accuracy of predictive analytics”.

He added: “With our strong position in fixed access, our experience, and the powerful and proven analytics and automation capabilities of the Nokia AVA platform, we have every intention of taking the lead in defining the future of fixed access network care."

Other additions to the Intelligent Access portfolio this month have included a raft of fibre broadband solutions to help operators expand their footprints to remote areas.

The new fibre access nodes are designed for scenarios that are traditionally hard to reach, including areas exposed to weather conditions or lacking a power supply.

The bundle also now features the industry’s first wireless Passive Optical Network solution, which adds wireless connectivity in the backhaul network to help an operator extend coverage more quickly.