Telecoms Europe 2021 – The journey to operational and business support system modernisation, by Red Hat

The journey to operational and business support system modernisation


Fátima de la Iglesia, Business Development Manager, Telco EMEA, Red Hat

Luis Zas Couce, Head of EMEA Telco Technology Office, Red Hat 

The evolution from being a service provider to becoming a digital service provider is not easy and brings new challenges resulting from new customer habits, technological evolution, and introduction of new services. All these aspects require a complete transformation of operations support systems and business support systems (OSS/BSS) in order to achieve business agility, bring new services to the market faster, and support them in a flexible and dynamic way. This transformation can lead to improved customer experiences, opportunities for new revenue, and the potential for new business models. In this presentation, we will cover how the evolution of OSS/BSS is necessary for digital transformation as well as recommendations and strategies for success. The session will demonstrate how innovation and open source solutions support successful OSS/BSS transformation.