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The GSMA has announced its new Board. A press release from the Association said that the board's 25 members represented the world's largest operator groups as well as smaller, independent operators with global representation.

Is that really the case? Looking through the list, it looks like a solid list of companies who are at very least T1 players in their own domain, if not regional or global group operators. 

In recent months we at Mobile Europe have noted an increasing amount of noise around the automation of network processes - whether that's for planning, optimisation or management. In this guest post, Thomas Neubauer, Managing Director of Symena, an AIRCOM company, explains why automation will be essential for the efficient and economical operation of LTE networks and where automated processes can deliver the most value. 

Yesterday I received the following pitch. "Good Technology has filed two separate lawsuits for patent infringement on its software and application – a sign that the smartphone wars are moving from devices to apps." Sounds great, huh? 

Like, we've all had so much fun following patent litigation between Apple, Samsung and HTC et al, that the good news is that some of that action is moving to apps. Let's move this whole patent thing along here.

Well, hey, some of us have memories. Or at least working search engines. 

Vodafone has introduced new tariff called Vodafone Red Hot that offers the latest smartphones on a rental basis.

Users that sign up to Red Hot will, in effect, sign one contract for usage, and another to rent a phone. They can then trade in the device when they fancy a new one. It's a similar offer to O2's offering, O2 Lease, that O2 launched in December 2011. 

A few weeks ago, we ran an article from Mark Windle of OpenCloud, titled VoLTE versus VoIP, that looked at the advantages that operators and OTT each have in providing voice services over LTE. Amongst the operator advantages listed by Mark were service ubiquity and quality of service. As the ability of operators to "monetise" QoS is such a hot topic at the moment, we asked Mark to come back and write a second piece looking at how they might do this. 

Mobile Europe's Ones to Watch 2013 survey

Hello dear reader. We would like you to take the following short survey to tell us what you think will be the hot topics in 2013. 

As operators across Europe prepare for LTE launches by thinking about their data tariffs and how they can match pricing to consumer needs, here's an approach from Swisscom that bundles existing fixed or mobile data subscriptions with speed-based pricing for tablet and laptop use. 

Swisscom is introducing new data tariffs for laptop or iPad users based on speed and is offering them at a discount to existing subscribers to fixed or mobile data packages. 

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