A low-cost, portable and simple alternative to GPS satellite location has been developed using mobile phone signals. Overview Mapping's Verilocation service is based on cell location and can pinpoint a registered phone with signals garnered from the UK's four major operators. It displays location data combined with Overmapping's own digital street-level maps on a website and is accurate to one hundred metres. Designed as a pay-as-you-go application, it is aimed at time/service critical industries considering GPS location and telemetry. However, anyone with a GSM phone could utilise the system, which ties location accurately to the road network, without unnecessary sub-two metre GPS precision.

Overview Mapping is licensed by Ordnance Survey and offers a range of mapping solutions to businesses, including internet portals.

Having halted development of its proprietary packet data network, UK mobile data provider, Cognito has instead chosen to concentrate on delivering integrated voice and data services for business applications using GPRS and GSM. Adam Hamilton reports.

Operators can add between 10% and 15% to the bottom line figures associated with pre-pay customers, simply by deploying a system that allows customers to top-up their pre-pay accounts automatically using their credit cards or bank accounts, according to Upaid's ceo, Ashley Ward.