Nielsen says 78% of all smartphone data in UK is over WiFi


UK Android users hitting the WiFi after hours

UK Android users send and receive 78% of all their data over WiFi networks, according to research company Nielsen.

Nielsen's Smartphone Analytics measures the device usage of 1500 Android consumer panel members. It found the following results. 

  • 78% of all data goes over WiFi. 
  • WiFi data increases after 5pm, peaking between 11pm and midnight.
  • 3G data peaks at start of working day, then again at lunch and "going home time".
  • 3G data use decreases 55% between 6pm and midnight, overall usage goes up, driven by WiFi use


David Gosen, Nielsen European managing director for digital, said: “Wi-Fi is on average three-and-a-half times more dominant than 3G when it comes to delivering mobile internet data services. It peaks around midnight as users gravitate towards social networks."


“Previously, the main insight into the volume of mobile traffic came from the networks’ own records. Now, with Nielsen Smartphone Analytics we can complete the whole consumer picture," GOen claimed.