Syniverse launches LTE roaming hub


Syniverse has launched an LTE roaming and interconnect service that it is calling the Syniverse LTE Hub.

The LTE interoperability Hub bundles together a range of inter-network connectivity and business intelligence services from Syniverse, extending to LTE operators the service support the company already provides for 3G. Operators can interconnect LTE networks to Syniverse's IPX, with Diameter and SIP signalling support to enable service roaming between networks.

“Around the globe, operators are making tremendous progress rolling out LTE networks,” Syniverse President and CEO Jeff Gordon said. “For end users, the most important factor is that these networks interoperate with each other and interwork with supporting Wi-Fi and legacy cellular networks. For operators, this means they must take steps to deliver full-service 4G interoperability and interworking today to deliver advanced services well into the future.”

As well as providing network-to-network service interworking and connectivity, Syniverse adds additional services such as its Real-Time Intelligence business analytics solution, clearing and settlement capabilities, and video and messaging support.

“4G roaming and interworking present a host of complexities for operators, so it’s critical to take a long-term strategic approach to maximise back-end efficiencies and to focus on the end-user experience,” Gordon said. “Instead of having to vet, implement and manage separate solutions for network, clearing and settlement, customer care, and messaging, mobile operators can obtain all of these vital solutions via a single source, the Syniverse IPX network.”