Slovenia chooses Westica


The Slovenian Ministry of the Interior (MoI) has deployed Westica's MRR800 microwave radio system to provide the infrastructure for the Ministry of Interiors TETRA network, currently being supplied by Marconi.

Westica's involvement, brought about as the result of a distributor agreement with the Slovenian company, 3Tech, is for point to point microwave links operating in the 1.4GHz international frequency band.
The solution was selected on the basis of being compliant to the MoI's stringent technical requirements. In addition to this, the radio system is  compatible with the MoI's choice of Marconi TETRA basestation equipment.
"The choice of Westica radios was clear as it provides the lowest risk solution for the Ministry and enables rapid deployment in line with the overall project time schedule,"  Zarko Lenardic, Managing Director with 3Tech, said.
The tender was issued in early 2003, with 3Tech securing the contract to provide the radio solution for the TETRA network along with the provision of antennas and training.