Foundry's wireless strategy


Foundry Networks, the company well known for its enterprise switch products, is to launch a wireless portfolio.

The company will unveil standalone access points and will wireless-enable its Fast Iron Edge Switch and chassis-based solutions.
It intends to produce a high-end solution which will help its existing users to roll out wireless LANs.
"Wireless capability is the necessary add-on to the overall enterprise network infrastructure. Our wireless solution will seamlessly integrate with our line of enterprise switching and network management products," said Foundry vp Ken Cheng.
The wireless portfolio will be rolled out in three stages.
Foundry will first release its access points, which will be dubbed IronPoint. The access points, which are due to be released during October, can be used as a standalone network, or can be used with the vendor's IronView network management system.
The IronPoints will support all three wireless LAN standards --- 802.11a, b, and g --- which give up to 54Mbps theoretical throughput together with the newly-announced WPA security standard.
Foundry is then expected to wireless-enable its Fast Iron Edge Switch and Chassis solutions around the turn of the year. This will mean the products will be able to serve both the fixed and wireless networks.
The IronPoint will cost $945 and the software upgrade to wireless enable the switch will be priced at $1195.