Sponsored: Digital OSS strategy to boost CX, network automation and optimisation


Ravi Ramachandran, Digital OSS Director at BT, and Ravi Palepu from Virtusa talk to Annie Turner about BT’s OSS transformation

As telcos continue to digitalize their operations, they need digital operational support systems (OSS) to help them provide outstanding customer experience, and automate operations across different infrastructure. At the same time, operators must assure service and optimise their network.

In this video, the first of two sponsored by Virtusa, Ravi Ramachandran explains that BT started working to digitalise its OSS about three years ago, primarily motivated by a desire to make it easier for customers, and for its own customer-facing units to run their businesses faster. He says, “We have made tremendous progress” through the operator's long-standing partnership with Virtusa.

Watch the video to find out more.