VIDEO: New kinds of tech essential to process IoT data, GSMA claims


Machine learning, automation and artificial intelligence will be crucial to sifting through the multitude of data produced by the Internet of Things, the GSMA has claimed.

Speaking at Mobile Europe and European Communications' recent IoT in Telecoms conference, Stephen Doyle, Technical Architect, GSMA, said with 26 billion estimated IoT devices in play by 2026, and six billion of those cellular-based, new kinds of technology were required to process their data. He said: "You really can't be sure how you can process that much data and be doing it in the right way."

He added operators would be inundated with so much data that it would be difficult at times to gain substantial and correct insight into network activity. Machine learning was a good example of the kind of technology that can drill down sufficiently into that data, he said.

You can watch the video in full below. Other videos from the event can be viewed on our YouTube channel.