Toomas Polli, Head of Technology Unit and Board Member, Elisa Estonia, shared his thoughts on some big issues our Q1 2019 Mobile Europe magazine.

Ruza Sabanovic has gone from launching Montenegro’s first mobile network to shepherding in the 5G era for Telenor group. She speaks to Graeme Neill about the importance of digital transformation, how sales can shape technology and how war shaped her approach to work and life.

Under the header Facing the Future, the mobile industry’s leading CTOs assembled in London earlier this summer to define the challenges and opportunities they face with digital transformation and the rollout of 5G. James Blackman reports.

After building one of Europe’s fastest growing LTE networks, Fotis Karonis is now juggling EE’s merger with BT alongside its emerging 5G strategy. He talks to Graeme Neill about pressure, partners and pragmatism.

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