CTO of the Year: What it takes to win – from one CTO to another

CXO Interviews

MYCOM OSI is sponsoring our CTO of the Year Awards. Its President and CTO, Mounir Ladki, explains why the company attaches so much importance to the CTO’s role.

Why is MYCOM OSI sponsoring the Awards for the third successive year?

MYCOM OSI is honoured to sponsor the CTO of the Year Awards as it recognises the real leaders behind some of the greatest innovations in strategy, services, technology and operations currently happening in the telecoms industry, as communications service providers (CSPs) transform into digital service providers.

It’s very exciting to be a part of this programme as we see the role of CTO and CIO increasingly align, enable each other and indeed combine into one, as networks and IT converge in technology and operations to drive the business forward.


Why does MYCOM OSI think that these Awards are important?

These Awards are important as they shine a light on the CTOs and their organisations, highlighting what can be achieved and inspiring others.

They remind us all of the tremendous innovation happening all the time in our industry. For example, in our space – service assurance – we are seeing totally new approaches, processes, organisational structures and technology solutions.

They blend IT and network to fundamentally transform traditional operations into digital operations which are highly agile and cost-effective, being based on cloud, automation and artificial intelligence, including machine learning.

Today one of our largest CSP customers runs service assurance for its national network faster, better and cheaper in the cloud from over 2300km away – something we couldn’t dream of just a few years ago.

What sort of attributes are we looking for this year for the two Award categories?

This year we are looking for two types of CTOs. The first type, the Trailblazer, includes those who have really thought out-of-the box with their vision, strategy or technology, forgoing traditional telecom designs and breaking out with new approaches such as from the IT world.

These executives are the ones whose peer group look at and say, “Wow, we didn’t know you could do that”.

The second type, the Gamechanger, are those who have got things done to impact the business and have executed brilliantly against the business strategy, whether it be on things like delivering improved customer experience and services, or reducing time to market or operating costs. We see them and think, “That’s incredibly impressive. How did they do it?”.


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