Devices & OS

  • Turkcell launches first own-brand NFC Android smartphone

    This month sees the launch of Turkcell’s first high-tech smartphone, the Turkcell T40, which is based on a modified Google Android interface with numerous handpicked features including NFC, Wi-Fi offload and HD sound.

    The device, which was code-named “Gebze” when it was first announced at Mobile World Congress in February, operates on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and includes special signature Turkish visual and sound design touches.

  • SAT unveils “disruptive” single multi-band antenna for mobile devices

    Smart Antenna Technologies (SAT) has unveiled new technology that it claims will enable smartphone and tablet device manufacturers to replace several antennae with a single multi-band antenna.

    The single antenna solution uses a novel foil or printable antenna and control chip to produce a compact multi-frequency antenna as well as software re-configurable hardware enabling manufacturers to produce one device for all territories.

  • Android ‘master key’ vulnerability discovered puts 99% of devices at risk

    Android vulnerability spotted by Bluebox could turn 99% of Android smartphones into botnets with Trojan apps.

    By Mary-Ann Russon

    Researchers have discovered a new vulnerability in the Google Android mobile operating system that could affect every single Android smartphone that has been released since Android 1.6 “Donut” debuted in 2009, i.e. 900 million Android smartphones.

    The bug allows a hacker to modify the Android APK code without breaking a mobile application’s cryptographic signature (used by Android to determine whether or not apps have been tampered with), meaning that any application can be turned into a Trojan without being noticed by the app store, user or the phone.

  • BlackBerry security solution to sandbox apps for iOS, Android

    BlackBerry has taken its mobile sandboxing expertise and decided to embrace rival mobile operating systems with the launch of a new security solution.

    The Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is a new feature that comes with the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

    Designed for enterprises with BYOD concerns, the solution separates work from personal apps and data on the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems.

  • MWC - Nextreaming releases Smooth Streaming Player SDK for Android and iOS

    Nextreaming, a provider of multimedia software for handsets, announced the commercial availability of the latest NexPlayer SDK for Android and iOS, now supporting also adaptive streaming according to the Smooth Streaming standard. The Player SDK includes the latest features as defined by IIS, being compliant with the already available Smooth Streaming services.