Apple’s foray into the wearables market has been a long time coming but, while the Apple Watch is set to instigate a new age of devices, for now it simply marks another evolution of an industry struggling to meet a more urgent requirement.

Given the ever-increasing hype surrounding the Internet of Things, it is perhaps fair to look at the sector with a sceptical eye, especially when the Chairman of the International M2M Council (IMC) says suggestions of it enabling a "Jetsons" style world are wide of the mark.

The most read stories of 2014 showed the diversity of topics affecting the in-trays of operator executives across Europe. Readers' most popular stories included areas including virtualisation, SIM card innovation, chipset manufacturing and Voice over LTE. 

One could argue that there aren’t many more places you can go with a smartphone in the current age of QHD displays and octa-core chips, but YotaPhone is hoping it can offer something different. 

Operators need to focus on sub-2GHz spectrum rather than look to the higher bands for forthcoming 5G technology, the CTO of Tele2 has warned, but a senior Huawei executive said high frequency spectrum was essential to meet capacity problems.